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Frameless Straight Bar Plans

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Seating for up to 5 Guests


Large Bartenders Work Area


Wet Bar Sink


Keg Cooler


Wrap Around Formica Preparation Counter


Curved Bar top Design for space saving and easy access to under bar area


Designed to Accommodate a Wine Cooler and/or Refrigerator and beer tap


49 pages of complete information on building this bar


This bar design is slightly more complex than our other plans, this bar uses dado joinery to make a strong yet economical bar, the bar top has a curved design and is constructed from oak flooring and the finish is from a 2 part bar-top epoxy. The top of the bar can be finished with brass rail or contoured oak arm rest molding, the base can be simply a step as shown on our prototype, or a brass rail can be used as shown on our other bars.


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